Real estate includes land, buildings, and other types of movable property. There are different types of real estate, such as residential, commercial, and special-purpose. In addition, you can invest in real estate through REITs, or real estate investment trusts. This article will discuss some of the most popular types of real estate, including residential and commercial. Here are some examples. Once you have a clear understanding of what real estate is, you can begin to invest.

Commercial real estate is non-residential

In short, commercial real estate is any piece of property that generates a profit. This type of property includes office buildings, malls, bakeries, and more. It is also known as income property and can be rented to tenants for rental income. In New York, home hunters are most likely to come across small apartment buildings and townhouses. Small mixed-use buildings are also common, which consists of both residential and commercial units.



Residential real estate is movable

Generally, immovable property is land, buildings, rights of way, and plants. Movable property, on the other hand, refers to the things that can be moved. In terms of law, immovable property includes any property that is attached to the earth or is a movable thing. It is also referred to as movable property under the Transfer of Property Act, 1982. Listed below are a few examples of movable property.

Government owned property is special purpose real estate

Government owned property is real estate that is owned by the government. This includes land, buildings, and machinery. It may also include physical assets such as roads, schools, and parks. While this property is typically open to the public, it can also be used for private purposes, such as medical research. To understand the benefits of owning a piece of government property, read on. Here are some of the most common uses of government-owned real estate.

Investing in real estate via REITs

The rise of REITs in the last few decades has provided individual investors with an easy and convenient way to invest in real estate. These publicly traded entities represent various types of real estate investments. Because of their low correlation with stocks, REITs provide true protection from market fluctuations. They may own an interest in a variety of property types, including apartments, commercial buildings, and industrial warehouses. Some REITs specialize in particular property types, such as hotels.


Value of real estate as an investment

The value of real estate as an investment can be measured in two ways: the market value of a property and its potential as an investment. The former is determined by an appraisal, while the latter depends on the individual investor. A company may pay more than the market value of a

building for strategic reasons, such as filling a vacant space that a competitor is likely to fill. This is a good example of an investment value exceeding market value, such as when a company obtains favorable financing or nontransferable tax treatment. Aside from commercial properties, residential real estate makes up the largest portion of the market, and the most expensive.